Sunday, June 10, 2012

More than a year later

It's been more than a year since I last posted. I gave up embroidery for awhile but I think I am going to pick it up again because I have 30 hours in the car coming up in a few weeks. We are going to Michigan to see my parents in their summer home.  I have started an embroidery that I designed by taking pictures my girls drew when they were little and transferring them onto fabric. I freehanded the drawing onto a sheet of computer paper then transferred them onto a piece of cotton the size  of a small pillow using transfer paper.  I wrote the colors on the paper drawing so I could come as close to the original in the embroidery. It will be a great piece for a child's pillow or as a square in a memory quilt. It would be fun to make a child's quilt using only drawings from a person's childhood. There would be a lot of interesting items for the owner of the quilt to point to and talk about. Another idea that may or may not be accomplished. Well see you soon with pictures of the latest pieces.

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