Sunday, February 20, 2011

Acrylics and Fabric, post 2

I have been doing more experimenting with acrylic and fabric and it has been a lot of fun. I am not letting myself get upset when the paint wanders where I don't want it to, I am just letting myself experiment and have fun. In the latest piece I transferred my design onto my fabric then started painting before doing any stitching. I planned the colors that I would use in my flower and vase picture but there were quite a few spots where the colors blended. I left most of these places as is but a few I tried to cover with other colors. Since acrylic dries quickly I also could have covered over the parts I didn't like. I will definitely paint before stitching from now on because I can now use threads that will pop over the paint colors and make the most of my stitches. I would recommend experimenting with color mixing as it can lead to some beautiful shades you won't get right out of the tube.  I put a small amount of red, orange, yellow , blue and purple on a paper plate and started mixing colors until i liked the shade then I just added a good amount of water and laid it on the fabric. The thinner the paint the prettier the effect I think. It looks like water color and who doesn't like water color.

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