Saturday, January 22, 2011

If I haven't expressed it already, I love embroidery. I never thought I would do it because I never really liked the designs that were out there. I have done hand quilting so I already had a love of the things a needle and thread could do. But as I embroider I think of my paternal grandmother who made beautiful quilts by hand. I'm sure she embroidered too, she was a woman of many crafts. My mother also made some beautiful needlepoints and cross stitched pieces. I also think of women through the ages who took a needle and thread and made beautiful things. I have been reading a great book from the library on the history of embroidery in Asia.(Silken Threads-A History of Embroidery in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam, by Young Yang Chung) It is fascinating to learn about the importance that embroidery held in adorning the different emperors and their households. They had hundreds of embroiderers in their palaces that were constantly at work creating clothing and household items. I wonder if other needleworkers think about the history of this craft as they stitch. Let me know if you have read a good book on the history of embroidery, I have seen a few on Amazon but would like your feedback on this. Thanks and happy stitching.

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